New Mac Defender Variant Immune to Apples Security Update

Apple released a security update yesterday to help assist users with the removal and protection from the Mac Defender Malware. However, hackers have already created a new variant of the Malware that the Security Update is not familiar with. The timestamp of the virus is just hours after Apple released their update. However, if you still have your settings to not allow downloaded files to run and are being aware of things you click on and download, then you are still safe.

New Mac Defender Variant Immune to Apples Security Update

If you already have this virus and are still battling to get it removed, head over to our post on how to remove it and how to protect yourself in the future from this virus.

As any computer user should know, whether on a Mac or PC, we should all be extra aware of what we are clicking on and what we may be downloading.

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