Download new Rancho Cucamonga wallpapers for macOS, iOS and iPadOS

Basic Apple Guy is back with a new set of wallpapers titled “OS X RANCHO CUCAMONGA” for macOS. This particular Rancho Cucamonga wallpaper set is based on a joke Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi made during WWDC14 when he playfully mentioned OS X Rancho Cucamonga as a potential name during the transition to California-themed operating systems. 

Rancho Cucamonga wallpaper

Check out these stunning macOS Rancho Cucamonga wallpapers with a serene backdrop in a pleasant color hue

In the world of technology, sometimes a simple joke can take on a life of its own like in the case of these new wallpapers. As Apple was transitioning from OS names inspired by big cats to California locations, Craig Federighi at WWDC14 playfully mentioned Apple’s “Crack Marketing Team” searching for the next name for OS X. Among the tongue-in-cheek suggestions were OS X Oxnard, OS X Weed, and OS X Rancho Cucamonga.

Rancho Cucamonga, a small city in eastern California, unexpectedly found itself in the spotlight due to this lighthearted joke. Wanting to give Rancho Cucamonga its moment of recognition, tech enthusiast Basic Apple Guy decided to create a beautiful macOS-style wallpaper featuring the locale. However, the initial attempt fell short in terms of quality, as it was based on a low-resolution image.

Determined to do justice to Rancho Cucamonga, Basic Apple Guy painstakingly recreated the wallpaper from scratch using design tools like Sketch and Pixelmator Pro. The new version features meticulously crafted mountains and dunes, with shading and demanding techniques applied to enhance the visual appeal. A vectorized tree was also incorporated into the artwork, giving it depth and a focal point.

Basic Apple Guy

Now, Basic Apple Guy proudly presents a wallpaper that truly represents Rancho Cucamonga in all its glory. Available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, the wallpaper captures the essence of the city with its golden dune gradient and serene blue mountain ranges. It comes in variations with and without the tree, offering users the freedom to choose their preferred aesthetic.

This revamped wallpaper not only pays homage to a place that was playfully mentioned during an Apple event but also showcases the power of creativity and determination in the tech community. It serves as a reminder that even a seemingly small and humorous remark can inspire individuals to go above and beyond to create something beautiful.

The wallpapers are available for download for free from Basic Apple Guy’s website, and he also includes a tip jar for those who appreciate his work and want to support it.

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