Metrics app, activity and health tracker for iPhone, offers widgets, oxygen saturation reading and more

Metrics app is a useful activity and health tracker for iPhone. The app has been updated to version 2021.1.2. on iOS that offers oxygen saturation reading, widgets, sleep tracking and other new features, and performance improvements.

Built by Marius Caciulescu, the Metrics app is designed as an activity and health tracker which compiles and records users’ data in one place for self-tracking. The data is taken from the Health app on iPhone and manually logged information. The app can be used to track a vast variety of activities, health conditions, and more importantly, non-measurable habits like reading, handwashing, and others.

If you want to gather some stats about your 2020 steps, distance walked, heart rate, or other metrics that can read from the Health app, this is a great tool. Also, I find it very useful for daily tracking of stuff that is not automatically trackable and to build good habits, like reading, quit smoking, personal hygiene, and more.

activity and health tracker

Metrics – an activity and health tracker for iOS

The latest version of Metrics app brings new features and UI improvements. The release notes read;

・Read oxygen saturation and handwash from Health app automatically

・Metric widget available for all users

・Option to get a lifetime Metrics Pro, without a subscription

・Fixed sleep tracking issue that caused some duplicated data

・Fixed daily recorder counter in stats

・UI tweaks and other small bug fixes

activity and health tracker

In addition, the activity and health tracker offers 21 predefined and custom metrics to track whatever the user wants, a calendar view, stats, and charts, reminders to track set metrics, iCloud synchronization. And the developer’s privacy policy states the data logged in the app is not personally identifiable and is not stored on external servers.

I always take privacy very seriously so I don’t collect any of your data. The app doesn’t store data in any external servers, I just track some stuff related to app interaction (screens visible, buttons tapped), without user tracking or identification. The data is kept local (Core Data) and it also can be synced on multiple devices via iCloud. I have no access to any health or other personal data and I don’t use any external libraries that might track users.

Metrics app is available on the App Store for a $0.99 monthly, $5.99 annual, and $ 11.99-lifetime fee. It requires iOS 14.0 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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