Keybuild is an iOS app that allows users to create fully-customized keyboards for iPhone and iPad

Keybuild is a new app on the App Store which allows users to create their own keyboard. The app offers incredible customization, users can build their whole keyboards from scratch using a stack-based layout system.

As described by app developer  James Froggatt, Keybuild “isn’t just a keyboard editor, it’s a keyboard builder.” The app is built for users who might be frustrated with software keyboards that use the same layout. With Keybuild, users can quickly type their favorite emoji or an obscure symbol without having to search for it.

“Keybuild is an app which lets you create your own keyboard. Starting with one of the built-in templates, you can change any of the keys to type whatever symbol you like.”


Keybuild is a new iOS app that allows users to create fully-customized keyboards for iPhone and iPad

Froggatt revealed his inspiration behind Keybuild in a Reddit post. He explained that his frustration with software keyboards had to do with the standard layout which provides the same set of symbols to all users even if they require additional symbols.

“My long-standing frustration with software keyboards is that they still all use the same standard layout, providing the exact same set of symbols. Yet we all have our favourite emoji, and when you’re learning any technical subjects, you’ll know there’s all sorts of obscure symbols to learn, none of which can be typed directly.”


Keybuild is described as a keyboard builder. Users can build keyboards from scratch using whichever keys they require.

“Keys can be set up to type whatever you want! Letters, greek letters (ɑ, β, ɣ), maths symbols (π, ∫, ∑), arrows (↑→↓←), or even your favourite emoji can be added and organised depending on your needs.”

For users who don’t think one keyboard is enough for them, the app offers the option to build multiple layouts, called ‘Panes’, and switch between them using either a direct Pane Link, or a ‘Pane Menu’ which presents a quick-switcher of all available panes. There are a few pane templates built-in to the app, including the iOS Qwerty layouts for various device sizes, the default symbols pane, and extended symbols.


Keybuild is available on the App Store for $3.99. It requires iOS 14.0 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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