iCircuit 3D is a virtual electronic sandbox for iPhone and iPad users

Anyone interested in electrical work is going to love Krueger Systems’ most recent release: iCircuit 3D.  It offers a rich virtualized electronic sandbox that makes designing and testing ideas easier than ever.

The app offers a 3D user interface to deliver a realistic and practical experience. Furthermore, the 1,000 different parts offered by the virtual electronics sandbox make it easy to create and experiment with whatever you want.

iCircuit 3D

Frank Krueger launches iCircuit 3D, a virtual electronic sandbox

Some of the features included in iCircuit 3D include DC power supplies, Diodes, Transistors, MOSFETs, waveform generators, Programmable Arduino elements The full symbolic original iCircuit library, the ability to import images, and over 1,000 reference circuit board.

“Don’t let the physical availability of parts be a constraint on your creativity! Choose from an expansive library of more than 150 physically and electronically simulated parts and over 1,000 reference boards to build and test your circuits for flaws, simulate your physical designs, and test your Arduino code in a fun sandbox environment. Each of these parts is adoringly rendered to look like the real thing so that you can enjoy the beauty of electronics.”

iCircuit 3D

All of the parts available to users work in a 3D environment that imitates an electronics workbench. When you add parts, they land on the table due to gravity. Then, you can drag them around and connect them to each other by drawing wires between their ports. Once connected to each other, wires stay connected no matter where the part is positioned.

Despite the simplistic animation style, the app is incredibly informative. Even if you may not know a lot about electronics and circuits, iCircuit 3D may just help you to learn a new skill.

iCircuit 3D

iCircuit 3D for iPhone and iPad costs $14.99 on the App Store. Though it may sound pricey, if you like electronics, the app may be right up your alley.

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