Scriptable for iOS supports widgets with transparent backgrounds and more

With the release of iOS 14, iPhone owners could finally enjoy having widgets on their home screens alongside their apps and other folders. Widgets are helpful for users to get glimpses of information without having to open the app.

However, for users who find iOS widgets basic or unhelpful, Scriptable, an app from developer Simon Støvring might help change their minds.

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Scriptable allows users to customize their widgets with transparent backgrounds and more

Scriptable is a free app that allows users to set up Siri customizations using Javascript, and after the release of iOS 14, the app also offered support for users to run scripts directly on their home screens. The description of the app reads:

“An extensive support for widgets enables you to write your own widgets using JavaScript and run the scripts on your Home Screen. Your widgets can show any data and be customised to look just the way you want.”

Scriptable for iPad
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Aside from offering insane widget customization options, the app also offers support for input and output parameters in Siri Shortcuts, x-callback-url enabling advanced integration with other apps that support x-callback-url and has extensive documentation for all the native APIs you can use in your scripts.

Here are some of the features offered by the app:

  • Access lots of native iOS features from your JavaScript code, including managing files, calendars, reminders, contacts, photos, location, pasteboard, web views, and more.
  • Run scripts directly on your Home screen using widgets.
  • Scripts are stored as plain JavaScript files and can be browsed using the Files app.
  • Support for dark mode.
  • Synchronize scripts to all of your devices using iCloud Drive.
  • Work with files and directories from third-party apps using File Bookmarks.
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Though scripting can sound intimidating at first, no need to worry. There are a ton of scripts with simple instructions you can follow on Github and Reddit. Additionally, Scriptable automatically color codes things so that users know what should and should not be replaced A user on Github has compiled a list of widgets and scripts you can run.

Scriptable is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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