Hidgets app provides health widgets on iOS 14

Apple has a native Health app that features a summary tab where users can find a compilation of their health data however, Apple does not give any home screen widgets for Health users. Developer Marcel Schmitz created the Hidgets app which has the sole purpose of displaying your health information on widgets. Hidgets app brings users’ health data to their iPhone’s home screen.

The new iOS 14 widgets were an instant hit with iPhone users. For the first time, users can place widgets on their Home Screens with apps to easily access information like the weather without having to open the respective app. The latest iPhone software also allows users to customize their Home Screen with personalized themes and icons. 

Hidgets app

Hidgets app gives an overview of the user’s health on iOS 14 home screen

The Hidgets app features four different categories of health data: Mobility, Measurement, Sleep, and Body. Each one of them can be customized to the user’s liking and show specific data on the Home Screen widget. 

Every available widget consists of three different settings: Simple, Minimal, and Complete. Simple and Complete widget types show more details like the average heart rate of the week. However, the Minimal type only displays one icon and the main data of that category like daily steps.

The developer, Marcel Schmitz said that he got this idea online, which then led him to his first SwitftUI project, HealthMe. 

Since iOS launched, many people that I know and also read on Reddit and Twitter that it would be cool to have some of the health related data collected by the Health app as widgets on our home screens. So I just went ahead and grabbed the bull by the horns (that’s SwiftUI), and fought myself into my newest and freshest release since the release of DuetCam last year.

Development started only 3 weeks ago, when I first read about the idea online, and after some friends asked me naturally: “remind me again how I can add the Health widget on my home screen”, which triggered me to reply: “you can’t, hold my beer”. Codename: HealthMe. My first SwiftUI project.

Along with the rest of the features, there is also an option to make use of the widget in monochrome mode or with colors, which is quite similar to a few Apple Watch faces. 

hidgets app, iphone

Hidgets app is available for purchase on the App Store for $1.99 as a single purchase with the requirement of iOS 14. The app is based on the Health app, that is why it is only compatible with iPhones.

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