New Widgetsmith 2.0 version released with customizable iOS 14 widgets themes and new colors

Widgetsmith has received a major update in version 2.0. The latest version of the app comes with fresh artwork and themes for the iOS 14 home screen now available for download. The app gained popularity when it launched shortly after the release of Apple’s iOS 14 as it allows users to customize iPhone Home Screens as per their desired aesthetic. Prior to iOS 14, iPhone users were forced to have their apps in a grid of boxes and now, using the new widget feature in iOS 14, users can change the appearance of their icons to make the iPhone’s home screen look completely different, creative and fun.


Widgetsmith 2.0


Widgetsmith 2.0 brings new widget themes and artwork

Widgetsmith 2.0 brings new artwork and themes to the iOS 14 home screen. These pre-built themes offer various different combinations of colors, fonts, icons, and more. However, each theme is still fully customizable, allowing users to create the perfect custom look for their iOS 14 home screen.

Customization has become even easier with the update. Once a preferred theme is selected on the updated Widgetsmith, just tap the “customize theme” button to make some changes on the widget, including tint color, border color, font, background color, and artwork.

Widgetsmith 2.0

The app’s developer, David Smith, explained that the new changes are not designed to take the freedom to create personalized widgets. Therefore, each new theme is completely customizable:

“But of course I wouldn’t want these changes to lessen the real joy of Widgetsmith, which is making the widgets exactly yours. So, each of these themes is completely customizable to your preferred taste.

You can still change the fonts, colors, and borders of each widget like before, but the great thing is that, now, changes you implement apply across all instances of a theme. This makes it super easy to update all your widgets at once as your mood or tastes shift,”

Smith also revealed he is currently working with top designers to come up with a broad range of seasonal, as well as fun borders and overlays, for the users’ widgets to provide them that little extra excitement. At the moment, the artwork collection in the app includes things like leaves, pumpkins, and an Apple-inspired six colors pattern. In the future, Widgetsmith will add winter and Christmas themes as well.

Widgetsmith 2.0

The iOS 14 update introduced widgets to the Home Screen of compatible iPhone models. It allows users to add widgets directly to their Home Screen pages alongside their apps and other folders. Widgets are helpful for users to get glimpses of information without having to open the app.

Widgetsmith can be downloaded for free via the App Store.

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