Customize your iOS home screen with Widgetbox

If someone wishes to go for colorful widgets to enhance the home screen of their device, Widgetbox is highly recommended. What sets this app apart from the rest is the huge library of over 69 attractive widgets

After subtly avoiding home screen widgets for many years, Apple has finally given in to the heavy demand. Users can now customize and be creative with their home screens and use a variety of third-party widget apps for extreme personalization.


Use creative ways to customize your iOS home screen with Widgetbox

Before, Apple’s widget library looked a bit lightweight because of the presence of only a few stock widgets. However, the situation has changed as third-party widgets have flooded the App Store with a ton of beautifully designed widgets that offer the desired level of customization. Widgetbox is one of those apps that provides a vast selection of widgets waiting to be explored. These can be customized in various ways to create the exact look that you require.

Apart from that, the app offers a custom keyboard for both Apple Watch and iPhone. Users who are willing to raise the style quotient of the keyboards of their smartwatch and smartphone will have a great experience using this app.

Here are is a detailed list of features offered by the app:

  • Give your captions, stories, bios, and profile a creative touch with over 69 widgets
  • You can use custom fonts with any texting app such as WhatsApp, Instagram etc
  • Access a variety of symbols
  • Manage and reorder fonts using your keyboard


With a large collection of widgets at the user’s disposal, it is up to them to choose the one that will go along perfectly with the theme of their home screen and their mood.

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