Microsoft is testing xCloud game streaming in browser for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has started testing xCloud game streaming in the browser. This service will soon be available for various desktop browsers as well as iPhone and iPad. The company has been unable to release its xCloud service on the App Store due to Apple’s restrictions which is why it announced that it will release the game streaming service via Safari on iOS.

At the moment, the testing is currently being done on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers, both of which are based on the Chromium engine. However, the final version is expected to have full support for Safari browser on iPhone and iPad.

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xCloud game streaming service for web enters testing phase

As per The Verge, the service currently works on desktop browsers and features a user interface that is similar to its Android app version. When the service is accessed in the browser, users see a launcher and details of various games supported for Cloud Gaming. Through this launcher, users can either launch new games from the list of recommendations or resume games that they were recently playing. Once a game is launched, it opens in full-screen and can be played using a controller.

xCloud game streaming in browser for iPhone and iPad
Image via The Verge

With xCloud, users are able to stream Xbox games from the cloud. An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership is required to access xCloud, the basic tier of Xbox Game Pass for PC will not provide access to gaming streaming. The Verge also notes that game streaming is currently limited to a low resolution as Microsoft is using Xbox One S server blades, however, the company plans to upgrade them to Xbox Series X blade servers later this year, which should allow users to stream games in 4K quality.

Once the service is released as a public preview this spring, Windows users will also be able to use xCloud through the Xbox app available from Microsoft Store, as well as using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. It is unclear whether Mac users will also be able to access xCloud using Safari, Edge, or Chrome, as there are no limitations technically which should stop them from doing so.

Google Stadia had taken a similar approach recently and is also accessible via Safari on iPhone and iPad. Nvidia’s GeForce NOW beta also supports game streaming via Safari on iOS.

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