Microsoft posts misleading new Surface Laptop 4 vs MacBook Air ad

Microsoft has posted yet another misleading new Surface ad, this time comparing Surface Laptop 4 against the M1 MacBook Air. The company mentions the usual suspects like touch screens, dongles, and apps and games compatibility.

Surface Laptop 4 vs MacBook Air ad

Microsoft’s marketing department delivers another blockbuster Surface ad

This time, the Surface kid is joined by a friend, who helps deliver similar cringe-worthy takes as him on the products like “how could you not have a touch screen on a laptop?”. The touch screen is the first take from Microsoft in most of these ads as if it is a killer selling point of laptops. Newsflash: it’s not. There is a reason why M1 MacBook Air is the top-selling laptop on Amazon, despite not having a touch screen. Nobody, with the exception of a few enthusiasts and Windows fans, enjoys using a touch screen on Windows because the software simply doesn’t suit it. macOS is not made for a touchscreen either and looking at the horrible state of Windows on tablets, we are glad that Apple has not made a horrible Frankenstein of an operating system.

The next issue that the ad brings up is ports and dongles, while conveniently forgetting that Surface Laptop 4 does not support Thunderbolt 3, which means that many accessories used by consumers are left out. Not to forget, Surface Laptop 4 relies on a proprietary Surface Connect port, which means that users have to buy a very expensive dock for expansion. On the other hand, USB-C dongles for M1 MacBook Air are far cheaper and easily available.

Lastly, the ad targets M1 MacBook Air’s app compatibility by showing Adobe Illustrator on Surface Laptop 4. Illustrator is already available as a native beta for M1 Macs, and runs via Rosetta 2 as well (likely faster via emulation than the native performance on Surface Laptop 4), so we are not sure why Microsoft chose to show this app, out of all available apps out there. Gaming was yet another benefit touted for the Surface Laptop 4 which is the only thing from this ad we don’t disagree with.

As expected, Microsoft had disabled comments on the YouTube video after getting tons of dislikes. Check out the complete video below.

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