New Apple Music Ads Boast About ‘All Artists In One Place’

Apple has been going strong with the Apple Music ad campaign and has released 3 new artistically shot ads focused on music artists and boasting about the fact that they are all available on it’s popular music streaming service.

New Apple Music Ads Boast About  All Artists In One Place

The three ads are titled ‘Discovery’, ‘Discover James Bay’ and ‘Discover Kygo’. The ads are shot in black and white colors only and have that distinct artsy feel that Apple communicates in its commercials. Check out the YouTube embeds of the ads below:

Description: A place powered by people who live and breathe music. A place where artists and fans discover one another. A place where music matters. Welcome to Apple Music.

Description: That song you can’t stop listening to, is waiting to be listened to. Discover and connect with new music and the people who make it – artists like James Bay.

Description: Your next favorite artist is waiting to meet you. Discover and connect with new music and the people who make it – artists like Kygo.

Apple has not only been busy in marketing Apple Music, but they have also been working at addressing users’ complaints with the service and rolling out bug fixes and improvements via software updates. iOS 8.4.1 and iTunes 12.2.2 are two examples of the software update roll outs to fix Apple Music issues. With iOS 9, Apple is working on ever more enhancements to improve the user experience for Apple Music users.

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