New AR “NBA – All World” mobile game by Niantic will be coming on iOS and Android

Creator of popular AR game Pokemon, Niantic has unveiled its new augmented reality (AR) mobile game “NBA All-World”. In partnership with the National Basketball Association, the new game will be coming to iOS and Android.

Currently, in the development phase, the upcoming “NBA All-World” was jointly announced by Niantic, the NBA league, and the players association earlier this week. The new AR mobile game will offer an AR experience similar to Pokémon Go which will allow players to play with, collect and personalize their favorite NBA stars.

According to Polygon, the game’s senior producer, Marcus Matthews said:

“This is where the NBA’s gaming and lifestyle meets the real world metaverse. We’re enveloping the world around you into a basketball universe, or what I like to call turning the real world into a basketball theme park.”

NBA All-World- Niantic

Niantic’s new AR game will transform the “real world into a basketball theme park”

Matthews explained that NBA All-World is designed as a recreational sport and lifestyle game based on the database of “hundreds of thousands” of real-life courts and basketball-playing locations.

The NBA’s vice president for global partnerships, Adrienne O’Keeffe detailed that the league and Niantic began discussing the new venture five years ago, shortly after the launch of Pokémon Go in 2016, and have been working on the game since then.

Combining sports and computing, the new NBA All-World will deliver a recreational basketball experience that will allow users to enjoy the feel of basketball games with friends at the park.

niantic- NBA All-World

Players will get to enjoy one-on-one matches with friends, family, or community members in their neighborhood and other location and collect items by visiting real-world locations to customize their star NBA players. Pre-registration for the game is now at

NBA All-World unleashes the new era of Hoops. Get outside, step into the sneakers of today’s NBA stars & go 1v1 against the best players in the world. Explore your neighborhood while competing in mini-games to become King of the Court. Be on the lookout for sneaker & gear drops to flex your style & increase the performance of your squad. Represent where you’re from along with the best ballers in the world.

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