Here are all the new features in Nintendo Switch firmware 3.0.0

Nintendo has rolled out a major a new update for Switch, firmware version 3.0.0, with a large number of features and bug fixes. The update does not bring the much awaited virtual console or any other apps like web browser, YouTube or Netflix. But, the update shows that Nintendo is committed to improving the experience for Switch users and is listening to feedback.

Nintendo Switch firmware version 3.0.0

Nintendo Switch firmware 3.0.0

While there are not many user facing features like social, video or audio streaming apps, Nintendo has introduced some features that make it easier to get news content, add and stay connected with friends, and so on. The update was quick to download on my fast Internet connection and installed fairly quickly with just a regular console restart.

Here is a quick round up of the top features in the new firmware:

Fix for input change for TVs

A major issue that was bothering players was unwanted input change on their TVs via HDMI when Switch was docked in sleep mode. This has been fixed in the new update. On my LG TV, the input change pop-up does not appear anymore.

Volume Control in Quick Settings

One of the most requested new features by players was volume settings in the Quick Settings sidebar that shows when you long press the home button. This feature is particularly useful when you are playing games in table top and docked mode. You can use your controllers to quickly change volume from a distance.

Quick Settings Volume Control

Splatoon 2 avatars

Splatoon 2 is releasing on 21st July but Nintendo have already added new icons for their characters which can be used as account avatars.

Splatoon 2 avatars Nintendo Switch

Follow News Channels

Now that there was any lack of news before but Nintendo has added Channels to Switch. You can now follow channels for your favorite Nintendo games to receive news from them, however, you still see news for other games. Not sure how useful this feature is but it is there nonetheless.

Search Find Channels Nintendo Switch

Find Channels Nintendo Switch

Find Controllers

I have not yet heard of anyone losing their Joy-Cons yet but Nintendo Switch now lets you use the Find Controllers feature to enable vibration on your controllers remotely.

Find Controllers Nintendo Switch

Find Controllers using Vibration in Nintendo Switch

Lower Max Headphone Volume

Not only can you lower max headphone volume now, the volume is much louder than before. Users on r/NintendoSwitch have reported louder volume than before when using their headphones. I have not tested any headphone with my Nintendo Switch yet because I have an iPhone 7 Plus and Bluetooth headphones. Sigh. I would really love Bluetooth headphones support in future firmware updates.

Lower Max Headphone Volume in Nintendo Switch

Pro Controller Wired Communication

Pro Controller users rejoice. You can now connect your Pro Controller to Nintendo Switch using the USB charging cable. However, NFC will not work in this mode. There is also an Update Controllers feature listed in Settings however, tapping it did not result in anything. Perhaps, because the Joy-Cons were already connected to the Switch during the firmware upgrade.

Pro Controller Wired Communication in Nintendo Switch

Notify When Friends Go Online

If you have friends, you can get notifications when they come online. There is still no chat feature to communicate with them though. It would be great if that is shipped in the next update. P.S. add me on Switch using this friend code: SW-2026-6423-5044

Notify when friends go online

Change Display Colors

New Change Display Colors options include Invert Colors and Grayscale options. If you want to play in black-and-white mode, enable Grayscale and your Switch display will look like a Kindle’s display.

Change display colors in Nintendo Switch

Check out the complete change log from Nintendo for all the updates and fixes in this release:

Nintendo Switch version 3.0.0

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