No iPad announcement planned for March 26 – Mark Gurman

Apple insider Mark Gurman, who is known for his accurate predictions about Apple products, recently debunked rumors of an iPad announcement on March 26th.

While new iPad models are expected to be released this spring, Gurman clarified that the March 26th date is not accurate. He had previously suggested that the announcement would take place between late March and April.

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iPad announcement delay might be due to iPadOS not being quite ready

Gurman did not deny the release of new iPads, but he threw doubt on the rumored date of March 26th. He had previously hinted that the delay might be due to the operating system for iPads, called iPadOS, not being fully prepared.

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This recent revelation of Gurman’s announcement that there will be no iPad event on March 26th is significant news for Apple enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting for news about the latest iPad models. Gurman is known for his accurate predictions, so his assertion holds weight and prompts enthusiasts to adjust their expectations accordingly.

The absence of an iPad announcement on March 26th indicates that Apple may be focusing its efforts elsewhere or planning a different timeline for the release of new iPad models. This news provides valuable information for consumers who are planning to purchase new iPads and offers a glimpse into Apple’s decision-making process.

For those who are eagerly awaiting the latest iPad innovations, Gurman’s report serves as a reminder to stay tuned for future announcements and to keep an eye on Apple’s upcoming events. While the absence of an iPad unveiling on March 26th may be disappointing for some, it also raises anticipation as enthusiasts wait for further developments from the tech giant.

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