New York MTA adds support for Apple Pay to all subway stations, bus routes

Apple Pay is now accepted by MTA at all subway stations, and on all buses, across New York’s five boroughs. This means that users with Apple Pay will now be able to tap their iPhone or Apple Watch over a turnstile to access the subway instead of buying a regular ticket.

More than a year since it first started testing Apple Pay on selected subway stations, New York’s Metropolitan Transport Authority has completed rolling it out to all lines, stations, and boroughs. The MTA has installed its One Metro New York (OMNY) system across its entire network.Apple Pay

New York MTA adds support for Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods to all subway stations, bus routes

Tap-to-pay is meant to speed up entry into subways and buses to reduce costs thought-out the transit system. It is also meant to provide functionality while being fairly simple. Other cities have had tap-to-pay transit systems for years now.

“OMNY is available at all subway stations and on all buses, allowing you to tap and go throughout New York City,” said the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in a statement. “You can use OMNY with your own card or smart device. OMNY currently supports a full-fare, pay-per-ride option for now, including free transfers.

Apple Pay

In a press conference, MTA called this “the first phase of the OMNY rollout.” The plan is to entirely replace by 2023.

For the time being, you will need a phone that supports NFC-based mobile payments in order to use the OMNY system. However, later this year,  the MTA will begin selling tap-to-pay cards that can be used in place of a smartphone Support for reduced fares for senior riders, and riders with disabilities will also come at some point in 2021.

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