Project36, a developer-only jailbreak for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, announced

A new iOS 15 jailbreak based on checkm8, Project 36, has been announced. Developed by Jan Fabel and md, this jailbreak will be aimed at developers only. It will work on devices featuring the A9 chip, all the way to A11 chip, and include both iPhones and iPads.


Project 36, an iOS 15 Jailbreak

Project36 will allow users to access features including SSH, root access, MDM patch, and allow jailbreak tweak development. The developers have posted an early preview demo on YouTube which shows the jailbreak working with SSH access. Support for tweaks is planned for the future. The developers have not announced any ETA or release date.

Since Project36 (not the final name), is a developer-focused jailbreak, it means that it will not feature a package manager, most tweaks might not work on it, and it will definitely not be stable. Users with advanced technical knowledge should be the only ones touching this jailbreak with a ten-foot pole.

This is not the only iOS 15 jailbreak that has been announced, developer-focused or not. Cheyote, a user focused jailbreak, was announced for iOS 15 – iOS 15.1.1, and supports A11 chip to A14 chip-based devices. It is a rootless jailbreak which means users will not be able to modify the system partition, and some tweaks might not work as is with this jailbreak and would need updates. It will also support devices as recent as iPhone 13 Pro Max. Unfortunately, Cheyote is yet to be released as the developers have not completed work on it.

Fugu15 is yet another iOS 15 jailbreak, being developed by Linus Henze, but it is yet to be released to users.

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