PSA: there is no iOS 15 jailbreak available yet, stay on iOS 14 if it’s important to you

Before you hit that update button on your iPhone or iPad with an iOS 14 jailbreak, beware that there is no iOS 15 jailbreak available yet. This means that you should stay away as far as possible from updating to iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 until there is an update to tools like checkra1n or unc0ver that support Apple’s newest mobile operating system.

iOS 14 - iOS 14.3 on iPhone 12 Pro Max jailbreak

No iOS 15 jailbreak yet – don’t update if jailbreaking is important to you

For those who are wondering why there have been no news on an iOS 15 jailbreak, there are multiple reasons. Jailbreak devs could have vulnerabilities up their sleeves that they could use to create updated versions of their tools. Any proof of concept demoed by jailbreak developers has to be converted into a useable form that is released as a tool for public usage. Vulnerabilities are also kept hidden until Apple’s final release of a new operating system so that they do not patch it before release. While this sounds like speculation, this has been the case in the past.

Another reason that there has not been an iOS 15 jailbreak is that Apple has made changes to rootfs in the new operating system which makes it a bigger challenge for the community. However, the jailbreak community has always come through in the past so it might be a matter of time before you hear any good news.

For now, if you already have an iOS 14.8 jailbroken device with checkra1n or iOS 14.3 jailbroken device with unc0ver, we recommend that you stay away from iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

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