RazorGo – Chat app for Pokémon  Go community

RazorGo is a soon to be released chat service which will connect Pokemon trainers in local, regional and global locations by providing them a platform to share tips, tricks, and experiences via one-to-one and group messaging. The app will connect Pokémon trainers around the world elevating the experience of capturing wild creatures in the real world. 

The RazorGo app and service will connect two Pokémon trainers, who have the app, within 3 to 600 miles to begin a private chat with each other. RazorGo will also offer group chat to connect Pokemon trainers from different locations. Members of the same team will be able to use RazorGo to devise new strategies to win Gym battles, capture rare and difficult Pokémon and more. The service will also allow trainers the ability to open a chat room by dropping a beacon. The beacon will serve as an indicator on the app’s map so that Pokémon trainers nearby the dropped beacon will be able to join that chat room.

The RazorGo website is live today, and apps for iOS ad Android are expected to follow soon.

RazorGo - Chat app for Pokemon Go community

Niantic released Pokémon Go a few weeks ago and the world can’t seem to have enough of it. Pokémon Go popularity and demand not only crashed Niantics’ servers a few times but also broke the Internet with pictures of Pokémon being discovered at unpredictable places, and videos of parks, streets, malls and other places being crowded with people playing Pokémon  Go.

Pokémon  Go is officially available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and 26 other European states. After fixing the servers crashing issue due to a large number of daily users, the Pokemon company plans to gradually officially release the game worldwide. The company has warned the fans to be patient and not download unofficial versions of the game because they contain virus.

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