No Retina Display available until Apple’s iPad 4

We have reported in the past that Apple will likely be releasing an iPad 3 or iPad HD this year, but those rumors appear to be debunked. There were also rumors from LG that they would have a Retina Display ready for the iPad 3 as well. Digitimes is now stating that a Retina Display won’t be ready for mass production for at least another year.

They are stating that the 10.1” Retina Display screen likely won’t be ready until the second half of 2012, but even then there won’t be enough for a tablet launch. Even though the iPad uses a 9.7” screen, the designers have the same roadblocks presented to them.

With all that said, the next iPad can still feature a display upgrade. Display manufacturers are working on making the displays thinner and use less power. Manufacturers are also trying to improve multitouch to allow for more than 10 fingers simultaneously. Samsung and LG were working on 2048×1536 displays for the next iPad, which would technically still not be Retina. It is unlikely that we will see a new iPad this year, and can wait for the next iPad, the iPad 3 that will not likely include a Retina Display.

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