Surprisingly, Studio Display contains 64GB of storage but it only uses 2GB

Developer @Khaos Tian has discovered that the new 27-inch Studio Display contains 64GB storage but it only used 2GB. At the time of launch, Apple announced that the new external monitor is powered by an A13 Bionic chip which will allow the company to release updates on the device. However, it did not mention 64GB of onboard storage.

In 2019, Apple introduced the A13 Bionic chip iPhone 11 series and later used it in iPhone SE 2 (2020) and iPad 9 (2021). The minimum storage capacity on all devices powered by A13 Bionic chips is 64GB, as the new monitor.

Apple Studio Display Pro

Studio Display’s 64GB storage is likely for firmware updates

According to @KhaosT‘s screenshot, the Studio Display only uses 2GB of 64GB NAND storage that leaving 62GB of unused space. Currently, it can not be speculated for what reason or purpose Apple features the storage capacity. But it can be assumed that free space will for future firmware updates.

The first impression reviews of the new display were good, but for some, the image quality of the 12MP Ultra-Wide webcam was too poor to ignore. The Verge’s disappointed Nilay Patel took several screenshots of the produced images in different light conditions and sent them to Apple. The company took note of his complaint and replied that they will improve the webcam in a future update, “looked into the images you shared and discovered an issue where the system is not behaving as expected. We’ll be making improvements in a software update.”

Studio Display

Recently, Apple also updated Boot Camp with drivers for Studio Display and AMD and Intel GPUs on Intel-based Macs to improve users’ Windows experience on Macs. Although the new display is compatible with Windows, it has limitations like TrueTone, Centre Stage and Spatial Audio features that will not work on Windows.

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