Studio Display screen repair and service cost

Apple’s new 27-inch Studio Display with a 5K Retina screen comes with a high retail price starting from $1,599. The new external display can be configured to order with a Nano-texture glass, Tilt- and height-adjustable stand or/and VESA mount adapter for an additional cost. All-in-all “Studio Display” is an expensive piece of technology.

Therefore, it is important for consumers to know its warranty coverage for screen repair and other accidental damages. We have listed down everything you need to know about the “Studio Display” warranty and repair cost.

Studio Display

Studio Display screen repair and damages cost

Like almost all of Apple’s products, the new Studio Display comes with 90 days of complimentary technical support and a one-year limited warranty which covers manufacturing defects free of cost but does not cover accidental damages.

At the time or within 60 days of purchase, consumers can purchase an Apple Care+ plan for $149 that covers up to two incidents of accidental damages every 12 months subject to a service fee.

Studio Display screen repair and other damages cost under Apple Care+ warranty coverage (plus applicable tax):

  • Screen damage or external enclosure damage for $99.
  • Other damage for $299.

Apple Studio Display

As mentioned on the Studio Display repair support page, users will have to pay an out-of-warranty fee for any damage that is not covered under Apple Care+ or if the display is over one year old. However, the out-of-warranty fee is not mentioned because it may be determined by the type of damage.

  • Your Apple Display is over one year old.
  • Your product has an issue that’s not covered under warranty or consumer law, like accidental damage or damage caused by unauthorized modifications.

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