Teardown of MagSafe wireless charger reveals copper charging coils, simple board and more

The new MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12 models are available online and in stores. A popular teardown publisher, iFixit took apart the MagSafe wireless charger which reveals the simple internal layout of the new iPhone charging puck.

The magnetically attached MagSafe wireless charger gives 20W power and takes up to an hour to fully charge an iPhone 12 model. However, there are reports that the wireless charger takes a longer time to powerful compatible older smartphone models like the iPhone 11 and earlier.


Teardown of MagSafe Wireless Charger

iFixit’s teardown gives a detailed insight into the internal hardware of Apple’s wireless charger:

External Covering

After using heat and knife to remove the white covering, it was discovered that Apple has placed magnets around the exterior to magnetically attach the puck with the iPhone. Unlike the Apple Watch charging button which a single magnet in the middle, this wireless charger has more.



Under the white cover is a copper sticker with ‘traces corresponding to four leads spaced around the outside of the charging coil.” On top of the circuit board are the charging coils.


Circuit Board

Protected by a metal shield, the circuit board houses the new 20W wireless charger IC, labeled STWPSPA 1. Since the MagSafe charger delivers 20W power, the used chip might be the advanced version of the STMicoelectronic STWBC-EP 15W wireless charger IC.MagSafe

USB-C Connector

Because of the charger’s compact size, the teardown technician used an X-ray to further investigate the internals. The X-ray image shows the connecting point of the USB-C port to the circuit.


It will interesting to see consumers’ reactions to the new MagSafe wireless charger because they will not only have to purchase the charger for $30 but also pay $19 for a compatible wall brick if they don’t have a USB-C to the lightning adaptor. In comparison to third-party wireless chargers, the MagSafe charger took 1 hour while Anker wireless charger took 1 hour and 30 mins to power up an iPhone. Having said that, the MagSafe lost to the standard wired charger which only took 28 minutes to charge an iPhone 12.

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