The Easiest Method to Root Samsung Galaxy S/Captivate and Vibrant on Android 2.1 [Video]

Before reading on, if you’re wondering why you should root your Android phone, read the excellent 5 reasons on The Next Web. Another reason I would add in case of Samsung Galaxy S/Vibrant and Captivate would be that you can completely remove the lagging that happens sometimes when a lot of read and writes are performed simultaneously to the build in SD memory by multiple apps. Samsung[5]

Experts say that this is due to the wrong choice of filesystem by Samsung. Samsung has promised a fix for this issue in their next update, probably Froyo, but for now, rooting can make it the perfect phone. Rooting it is very simple and requires nothing more than downloading an app from Android Market and rebooting into recovery mode. I’ve made a video showing the procedure in complete detail. I’ve used a Samsung Galaxy S, but the same method works for Vibrant and Captivate as well. Untested for Epic 4G.

The following steps have been taken to obtain root:

  1. Download One Click Lag Fix from Android Market.
  2. Open the app and tap on Root Device 2.1
  3. Click on Fire it up.
  4. When Root Device 2.1 is finished, power off the phone.
  5. Now you have to boot into recovery mode. Hold down the power button, home button and volume up button together to get into recovery mode. [For captivate and Vibrant users, hold down Volume and down button while pressing the power button]
  6. Using volume button, navigate to apply sd card: and press home button.
  7. That’s it you’ve rooted your Samsung Galaxy S. Confirm by finding the Superuser permission app.

Samsung Galaxy S root

In another post, I’ll show how to remove the annoying lag for good. Stay tuned.

If you’re unable to boot into recovery mode on a Samsung Vibrant, try any of the workarounds listed here.

Check out this new working method to root your Galaxy S with Android 2.2+

If you have any problems or questions about this guide, use the comments section below and we’ll try our best to help you out.

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  1. I’ve done everything as you explained…it says successfully rooted but once that the phone is switched off it doesn’t let me access to the recovery mode…on the screen appears the green droid with a message “forced upload”….can you help me…the phone is on O2 bought 5 days ago…

    1. Sometimes it takes some practicing to get into the recovery mode.. Can you tell me the model number? I’ll be able to help u better then

  2. I followed the directions but when I got into the recovery mode, there was no option “apply SD card”. What did I do wrong?

    Using AT&T Captivate phone

    1. Did you run the One Click Lag Fix app before going into the recovery mode? It copies the to the root folder which in turn makes the apply SD card update available in recovery mode

          1. That’s weird. Check the root of you SD card to see if the file is actually copied to it after you use that option in One Click Lag Fix app

          2. This also happened to me. when i clicked on the reinstall apps option it now lets me see the superuser permission

  3. hey thanks it worked if your on the captivate hold down both the up and down volume rocker and the power up button hold them until the at&t logo flashes twice then let go then recovery menu should appear after that go to reinstall packages and your rooted

      1. Hey, I tried and tried and no recovery on my Vibrant. Some forums said this feature is disabled…… Thers another way or do i have to use sdk????

  4. hi man, for some reason my phone wont go to recovery mode, i have never seen that dos like screen… and i have tried everthing, it worked on the Captivate but not for the galaxy 19000, please help, i have bought the phone in dubai and the took off market place and i need to root and flash to install everthing, but when i do the same as avove, logo screen just flashes on and off with no action what so ever !

  5. This is for Paul. I ran the app and did not have a selection to run from theSD card either. I checked the root of the SD card and was there. I booted back in to recovery and selected “select Reinstall Packages” That rooted my vibrant.

  6. hay i was just wondering what can you do with a rooted phone is it like jail breaking the iphone or will it just get rid of lag i am happy either way coz i love my galaxy s. thanks.

    1. It is kind of like jailbreaking. It gives you root access to your phone and lets you install apps like screenshot capture, change the market place or install a lag fix.

  7. if this “apply sdcard:” doesn’t show up in recovery mode, how do I go about getting that to appear? using the files utility on my phone i can verify that is on my phone, but it won’t appear on the recovery boot-up.

  8. I have a samsung fascinate(verizon) and i can get to the recovery but it says manual mode. I select to apply sdcard and I get an error when it tries to load.

  9. I have a samsung captivate with firmware version 2.1 update1. I have downloaded one click lag fix and followed your directions. When I hit root device 2.1 and fire it up it tells me that root device 2.1 finished successfully. When I stop and reboot my phone the apply file is not there as a choice.


    1. This means that the file isn’t present in the folder. Check My Files app on your phone to see if the is there.

      1. To get to recovery mode with my Vibrant S, I had to hold volume up & volume down while holding power then release power button when Vibrant appears. My options are different than yours and is on the SD card.
        reboot system nowreinstall packagesdelete all user datadelete cache data
        Should reinstall packages do the trick?

  10. Hi,

    Need your help urgently……real urgent….

    I had rooted my phone (samsung galaxy 3) to run live wallpaper, somehow that did not happen, i tried to root the phone again but now it is stuk on the Android System Recovery screen, giving me option to reboot the system / apply….etc etc..
    iv’e rebooted the phone multiple times…it is not starting ….please please please help me……

  11. Galaxy S vibrant. I have run the One Click app over and over, and no matter how many times I Go into recovery mode, it never shows the “apply” option. I looked and the file is in the main storage. Any ideas?

  12. I installed per instructions but once i select apply sdcard i get error msg just doesnt seem to work

  13. I have T-Mobile Vibrant 2.1 update 1 and after getting into recovery mode (Hold volume up and down while pressing power button and release power button when Vibrant appears), “apply” does not appear as such. Instead it reads “reinstall packages”. I ran that, and it was successfully rooted. Hope this helps someone.

  14. hey, I have a samsung fascinate from a canadian provider.Everytime I install the zip file it says error installation aborted. Please help. Thanks in advance

  15. No “apply sdcard” option but it worked when I chose “reinstall packages”. Not sure I can tell the difference in the performance however. How can I tell if the lag fix is working?

  16. I Hit “reinstall packages”. its worked for me!! it applied from the sd card.
    Samsung Vibrant

  17. I do not see the one click lag fix in the android market. I have att and am running 2.1 on my samsung captivate. Can you please help?

  18. Since the one click lag fix has now been removed, how would I go about rooting my device?
    I have the Vibrant and can do everything as said, but I’m having troubles finding a way to root. Is all hope lost for this now?

      1. Hi Imran,
        you said that downloading OCLF alone can root ur device.
        The “” that is applied into recovery mode – where does that come from.

        I dont hav in my phone anywhere…

  19. too bad man, by the time i found this promising video, Google had removed the root ability from the app. and im officialy done trying, most people seem to have serious issues with their phone afterwards no matter what they try! I can’t believe it took me til 6am to figure this out, time to sleep my day off.. off

    If ANYBODY can cut through the muck and truely have an easy SAFE way to get rid of all the bloatware, or simply enhance my captivate, please let me know!!!

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