This iPhone 14 with transparent back glass shows all its internals

Pictures of an iPhone 14 modded with a transparent back glass have appeared online which show all its internals, including the camera unit, MagSafe ring, battery, and more. The back glass of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus is easily removable, which could have helped with this mod. But when has that stopped modders before, when iPhone back glass has not been easily replaceable?

iPhone 14 transparent glass back

iPhone 14 with transparent back

Posted by @lipilipsi on Twitter, the images show a transparent back glass and camera cover replacing the default glass back on iPhone 14. This makes all the internals visible including the camera components, battery, Taptic Engine, battery, and more. While it does not look like the most aesthetically good-looking mod, it gives it a unique look.

It has been confirmed by iFixit via an iPhone 14 teardown that it is easily repairable. They gave it a score of 7 out of 10, and claimed it a win for “right to repair”. Even though Apple has not changed anything externally with iPhone 14, the internals have been redesigned with a midframe in the middle which allows access to the screen and rear glass simply by removing two screws, detaching a single connector, and working with a not-so-aggressive adhesive. The Cupertino giant accomplished this without any changes to the external design of the iPhone.

However, this internal redesign for ease of repair does not extend to the iPhone 14 Pro line-up, but perhaps Apple might aim to achieve it with iPhone 15.

While Apple would not have had this mod in mind when making repairs easier in iPhone 14, but it does open up the possibilities for users to make exciting changes to their phones that the company would not have envisioned.

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