Apple CEO Tim Cook is excited to get back to office, says ‘I can’t wait’

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he is ready for a post-pandemic return to the office. Cook wants to implement a hybrid environment for the employees in the coming months and follow the guidelines provided by the CDC.

In an interview with People discussing various topics from his personal routine to a post-pandemic return to the office, Cook explained the advantages of in-person interaction for Apple employees.

Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he “can’t wait” to get back to the office

During the interview with People, Tim Cook answered questions about how the company has adapted to the ongoing pandemic and what the CEO expects in the future on how Apple offices will welcome employees in a working capacity.

My gut says that, for us, it’s still very important to physically be in touch with one another because collaboration isn’t always a planned activity. Innovation isn’t always a planned activity. It is bumping into each other over the course of the day and advacing an idea you just had. And you really need to be together to do that.

According to CEO Tim Cook, the tech giant is still trying to figure out how to maintain social distancing with the open office floor plan at Apple Park. But the Apple chief executive hopes to execute a hybrid environment in the coming months. Cook also pointed out the accomplishments that the company achieved despite the lockdown, the first-ever Apple 5G smartphones, M1 Mac, and much more.

We have realized and learned that there are some things that are perfectly great to do virtually across Zoom or WebEx, whatever, or FaceTime, whatever you might have. So I think it’ll be, I’ll call it a hybrid environment (for) a little bit. You look back, and the shutdown occured in mid-March. Post that, we had this enormous, prolific product perios, the first 5G iPhone. We introduced the M1 chip in the Mac. These are major, major accomplishments. We did all of that while reinventing the way we were working.

Apple accomplished the initiation of a $100 million racial justice initiative and pledge to become carbon-neutral by 2030. Tim Cook mentioned that all of this was achieved despite the pandemic. Cook believes that his team functions better in-person and “we believe that’s best for collaboration. Cook also acknowledged the hard-working employees that made all this happen. The Apple chief executive officer is excited to get back at work, and he can not wait until this happens.

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