Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone with Apple Peel 520

While Skype hasn’t allowed background VOIP for their app on iPod Touch yet, you can still make calls using Skype with the app open. Nimbuzz can also be used as it already supports background VOIP service in iOS 4. If you want to use a GSM service with your iPod Touch, there’s a solution for that as well now. Apple Peel 520 by Yosion is an adapter powered by an Infineon chip which allows you to voice call and text message on your iPod Touch.fruitpeel52007282010

Since the dialer and SMS apps are shown in the picture, it seems like this adapter will only work with jailbroken iPod Touch since Apple wont allow such apps in the App Store. GPRS doesn’t work on Apple Peel 520 and it provides up to 4.5 hours of call time and 120 hours of standby battery life.

Apple Peel is scheduled to release in China this week for $44 to $74. Check out the full demo video :

via Engadget

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