watchOS 3 and tvOS 10 beta 2 now available for download

Apple has released developer betas for watchOS 3 and tvOS 10. The new releases contain major features including instant app launch, new app dock, Home app, Reminders app and more for Apple Watch, and single sign-on, dark more, updates to Siri, and other design updates for Apple TV.


What’s new in watchOS 3 beta 2:

  • SOS functionality is now enabled. Press and hold the side button to bring up the shutdown menu to see the SOS option. Press and hold the side button to directly call the SOS number.
  • Activity sharing now works

Apple announced the following at WWDC 2016 for Apple Watch:

  • Instant app launch
  • Background data transfer for apps so they are already up to date when you open them
  • Dock for apps where you can add up to 10 apps for quick launch. Dock is accessible via the side button
  • New Control Center
  • Messages updates, similar to the ones in iOS 10
  • New watch faces, including Minnie Mouse, Activity, and Numerals. Photo watch faces now support complications too
  • Updates to Activity and Workouts apps
  • New app called Breathe to help destress and meditate
  • New reminders and Find Friends apps

What’s new in tvOS 10 beta 2:

  • New redesigned Apple Music app with a beautiful dark user interface

Here is what Apple announced for Apple TV at WWDC 2016:

  • 1300 video channels
  • 6000 total apps
  • Tons of exclusive new apps and games coming to Apple TV
  • New remote app, finally, announced
  • Siri now supports movie search by topics.
  • Siri can now search 650,000 movies and tv shows now
  • YouTube search support added to Siri
  • Live Tune-in lets you open a live tv streaming app just by talking to Siri
  • Single sign-on comes to Apple TV for cable networks ( and to iOS too )
  • New dark theme!!
  • When you download an app to iOS, it automatically downloads the tvOS version to Apple TV
  • New developer focused features such as ReplayKit, PhotoKit, HomeKit and more

If you are already on watchOS 3 beta 1, simply check the Apple Watch app on your iPhone for updates. You can update your Apple Watch to watchOS 3 beta 2 without registering as a developer but it is not recommended unless you live near an Apple Store which can downgrade it later. It is not possible to downgrade Apple Watch at home.

tvOS 10 users can check for OTA update from Apple TV Settings or alternatively, they can download the updated firmware from Apple’s developer website.

Apple also released iOS 10 beta 2 and macOS 10.12 Sierra beta 2 today.

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