iOS 10 beta 2: here is everything new

Apple released the 2nd beta of iOS 10 today with a number of bug fixes, performance improvements, and feature changes. Here is a list of everything new in this release. 

Lock screen

Lock screen works differently now. Rest your finger on the home button and you will see a message which says Unlocked. You will have to press the home button to go to the home screen.

Widgets bug fixed

Widgets in notification center expand properly now. The bug from beta 1 where they would not expand is fixed.

Rich notifications on non-3D Touch devices

On non-3D Touch devices, you can now view rich notifications. This works on both iPhone and iPad. For iMessage notifications, swipe left on the notification and click view to see the conversation right from the notification center.

Apple News app can be deleted

You could already remove many other built-in apps in iOS 10 beta 1 but with beta 2, you can also remove Apple News

Apple Music fonts

Some tweaks have been to the fonts in Apple Music app. It also supports Dynamic Type now.

Other changes in Apple Music

Shuffle Now is back. Download Music is now Downloads and cannot be removed from the Library menu.

You can also see multiple Albums when you select an Artist.

Home Button accessibility

New option called ‘Rest finger to Unlock’ can be found in Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button

Home Screen Folders

New animation for folders and the blurred background is back.


Spotlight has received some much-needed performance fixes. It’s almost instantaneous now and also sports a nice new animation.


Mail app has a new filter icon which opens a pop-up menu


New ‘Low Quality Image Mode’ option in Settings > Messages

iMessage Apps

iMessage Apps Store is now functional. Currently, available apps are all by Apple which includes Classic mac emojis and animated emojis from Apple Watch: Hearts, Hands, and Smileys.

Under the Manage tab, you can enable a toggle to automatically add apps that work with iMessage.

Auto-lock settings

Auto-lock settings have been relocated under ‘Display & Brightness’


A new toggle under Settings > Maps to enable or disable ‘Show Parked Location’

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