Twitter is testing automatic tweet translations in Brazil

Recently, Twitter announced the release of a new multi-lingual translation feature to a limited number of users in the testing phase. On Monday, the feature was expanded to Brazil to allow users to explore more information in other languages on the platform.

The new translation feature automatically translates tweets in other languages to the user’s default language. Currently, the built-in translation option, on the microblogging service, has to be enabled manually by tapping on the translate option given below a tweet. The feature is available on iOS and Android devices.

The announcement states:

“Brazilians have their own passions and are interested in what is happening around the world. Knowing the importance that Twitter has in your life, we want the platform to bring you a good experience and be locally relevant regardless of where you live, what is your language or the device you use.”


Twitter’s new Translation Feature in Brazil

To test the translation feature, Twitter has chosen Brazil as the next destination for its expansion. With Latin as the local language, the feature will help to translate material/content in English, French, Arabic, and others for Brazilian users. The company said that the option is being tested on iOS and Android devices in the country.

“In order to make it easier to understand the conversations you follow on Twitter, we are experimenting automatic translations to Tweets in other languages that appear on your home page.

If a Tweet is translated, it will have the warning “Translated from English by Google” or “Translated from English by Microsoft”.

Although designed to help the users by automatically translating tweets written in other languages in Brazilian Portuguese, this feature has not been received positively by some Brazilian users. Users have complained of getting incorrect translations. Translation features sometimes fail to accurately translate from one language to the other, which can cause misunderstanding of the content.

Twitter says that the decision to release the feature publicly in Brazil and other countries will be based on the performance of this auto-translation in the testing phase.

New Features on Twitter

Recently, the social media platform launched a new anti-troll feature worldwide. The ‘who can reply’ feature allows users to have more control over their conversations by making it easier for them to decide who can reply to their conversation and by introducing the ability to hide replies.

The new conversation settings are intended to reduce unwanted conversations from trolls and prevent cyberbullying. As ‘unwanted replies make it hard to have meaningful conversations.’ according to the company.


In efforts to prevent its platform from being used to bully others and entice violence, Twitter got in trouble when it marked American President, Donald Trump’s and republican representative’s tweets as violating its abusive behavior policy.

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