Use Instagram on Mac OS X with the beautiful Photoflow App

Photoflow is a one of the best looking Instagram apps for Mac OS X users. Unlike many web wrapper apps out there, Photoflow provides a native and fast experience with a good design, though out user experience and a hefty list of features which justify its price.

Instagram Mac App Photoflow 3

Photoflow has tons of features, which go ahead of what even Instagram or most third party apps offer. Below is the list of the feature highlights:

  • Users can use multiple accounts and switch between them with ease
  • Get notifications for new photo uploads, likes and comments
  • Trackpad gestures are supported for quick navigation
  • Search Instagram hashtags and user accounts
  • View recent activity on your photos, whether it is likes or comments
  • Check out trending photos and videos
The app’s user interface resembles Tweetbot which is a good thing and looks pretty on OS X Yosemite. The app has a responsive layout so you can resize the window to view more of the available content in any view. Photos can be enlarged to their best supported sizes and videos are played natively on your Mac.
Instagram Mac App Photoflow 2

Photoflow is a beautiful app for OS X Yosemite and above only. It costs $4.99 which is worth the effort put into the making of this app. Even though Instagram offers a beautiful web experience, it does not have most of the features that its iPhone and Android apps offer. If you are a regular Instagram user and require most of the app like functionality on your desktop, with the exception of upload as is the case with all third party Instagram apps, this app is the right one for you.

Download Photoflow Instagram App from Mac App Store

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