Use PlayStation 3 Controller With Motorola Xoom Tablet [VIDEO GUIDE]

A number of Android forums and threads have been discussing how they’ve got a PlayStation 3 controller working with their Motorola Xoom 3.1 Honeycomb tablet games and as it turns out, it isn’t difficult to achieve at all. The results are pretty impressive with accurate controls. The tablet even charges the PS3 controller while you’re playing with it so overall its a pretty cool experience. Just read on below on how to get your PS3 controller working with any Xoom tablet without even rooting it.

PlayStation 3 Controller with Motorola XOOM


1. An OTG cable (look up on eBay such as here)

2. Compatible games / emulators

e.g Cordy (Available in Android Market)

Emulators :  Nintendo Emulator (Nesoid), Super Nintendo (Snes9X), Playstation 1(FPSE), Atari( Ataroid ) and more

3. Android 3.1 Update for your Xoom Tablet

Plug & Play:

Once you have the above items ready, simply plug in your PS3 controller via OTG cable and fire up your favorite emulator to play. Take a look at the video demonstration and walkthrough below on using the Playstation 3 Controller on Motorola Xoom tablet:

[via Android Central]

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