Verizon all set to announce CDMA iPhone by January, 11? [Apple News]

There has certainly been a buzz around surrounding the release date for the Verizon iPhone. While some predicted it was going to be a January 11th release, others had their own predictions and suggestions to speak of. There were also plenty who were not considering Apple to bond with Verizon, but that bunch of people must be very gutted by this news here. Last year, a series of photos of the upcoming phone were leaked. Verizon is expected to hold a special event on 11th of January, perhaps in Lincoln Center, New York, when an announcement regarding the new soon-to-be-released Verizon iPhones is expected.

Most of those who were waiting in anticipation and expecting this announcement in Las Vegas at The Consumers Electronics Show left in sheer disappointment. Hot on the heels of the iPhone 4, Verizon iPhone is sure to attract a big audience. Well, that is quite expected of a phone that has the name iPhone next to it. It is assumed that if the phone is announced by January 11th, the release time could be as early as 4th February, 2011.

“Sources have also confirmed that Apple has blacked-out employee vacation requests from February 3rd to the 6th, which indicates a major product launch.”(via iFans)

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