Watch Keypad app adds a phone dialer to Apple Watch

Apple Watch is perhaps the most fully functional smartwatch out there, however it misses a little feature that most users might not notice. While you can dial recent numbers and contacts from your Watch, you cannot dial numbers or text people or are not in your address book. Watch Keypad fixes this by brining a full fledged dialer to the Apple Watch.

The app, developed by a 14 year old, turns your Apple Watch into a complete phone. Using the app, you can input any number and dial it send a text message to it, via the build in messaging app in Apple Watch. The app shows a simpler dialer view by default and a force touch brings up the symbols keyboard with the plus, hash and star symbols.


Recent calls and messages are synced to the iPhone, although they can also be seen from the built in app on Apple Watch. It’s a very useful app to have if you make a lot of calls from your¬†Apple Watch. We recommend having a Bluetooth headset for the calls since Apple Watch speaker becomes kind of useful in a noisy environment.

Watch Keypad is available for $0.99 from the App Store.

Download Watch Keypad for Apple Watch

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