watchOS 11 introduces new “Check In” feature to enhance safety during outdoor workouts

watchOS 11 introduces a new “Check In” feature specifically designed to enhance safety during outdoor workouts.

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The “Check In” feature is a safety-focused addition to the Apple Watch’s suite of functionalities. Its primary purpose is to allow users to periodically check in during their outdoor workouts.

This is particularly useful for individuals who engage in activities that take them far from home, such as long-distance running, hiking in remote areas, or cycling through less populated routes.

watchOS 11 check in

How does it work?

Easy setup and use

The feature is seamlessly integrated into the existing workout app on the Apple Watch, making it incredibly easy to set up and use. Here’s how you can get started with “Check In”:

  • Start your workout: Begin by selecting your outdoor workout from the workout app as you normally would.
  • Enable “Check In”: Before starting your workout, you can enable the “Check In” feature from the workout options. You can set the intervals at which you’d like to be reminded to check-in, such as every 30 minutes or an hour.
  • Designate contacts: Choose the contacts who will be notified if you fail to check in. This could be family members, friends, or even a designated emergency contact.

Added security with check-in reminders

For an extra layer of assurance, you can enable “Check In” reminders within the Apple Watch settings. With this activated, your watch will prompt you to send a “Check In” whenever you begin an outdoor workout using the Workout app.

Peace of mind for everyone

“Check In” offers a clear benefit for those who exercise outdoors regularly. It allows them to share their activity with loved ones, providing reassurance and peace of mind.

For those on the receiving end of the notification, Check In offers the ability to track your progress (especially if you’ve shared your route) and know you’ve returned safely.


It’s important to remember that watchOS 11 is currently in beta testing. While “Check In” is a valuable feature, there’s always a chance it could be tweaked or even removed before the public release this fall.

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