White iPhone 4 on Best Buy Shelves this Wednesday?

According to several sites, Best Buy will have the White iPhone 4 in stock this Wednesday, April 27th.  We did report last week that a Vodafone customer was able to purchase a white iPhone 4 as well, so this release date may be real.  We have also heard news like this before about Best Buy, so no one is promising anything, but the below screenshot looks like the real deal.

White iPhone 4 on Best Buy Shelves this Wednesday?

You can see the Model is listed as 32GB WHITE with a Street Date and In Stock Date shown as 04-27-2011.  I know there are lots of people out there crossing their fingers for this to be true.  This is the kind of news that will blur out the iPhone 5 rumors for a few days.  Apple did state that they would be shipping White iPhone’s in the spring of this year as well, so there is definitely evidence here.  I personally won’t be waiting in line for a white iPhone, I like my black one just fine.

[via Engadget]


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