Enable Windows 8 Aero Aurora Feature [How to Guide]

In the midst of several Windows 8 leaks, including Kinect integration and a webcam app, comes a welcome change in how Aero can be used. The ‘Aurora’ setting for Aero, which replaces ‘Chocolate’, causes Aero to change to match the active window. This change, while minimal, will be well received by those who want a constantly changing desktop. Simple guide following the break.


To enable ‘Aurora’ in Windows 8:

  • Open aero.theme in Notepad
  • Go down to the [VisualStyles] section, and delete the line starting with ColorizationColor
  • Insert a line in that same spot: AutoColorization=1
  • Save the file and reload theme in Personalization

To apply, click on ‘Window Color and Appearance’ and select the color wheel on the top left.

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