Unlock Hidden Windows 8 Features Using Bluepoison!

Between the the leaked builds and activator tool, the Windows 8 Beta leaks just keep coming. We’ve covered the new Android-like login, Kinect Integration, and the metro-style webcam app for Windows 8 previously, but this new tool really takes the cake. Outfitted with a metro user interface and advanced options, the new Bluepoison tool is a must have for anyone planning to give Windows 8 a go.

Unlock Hidden Windows 8 Features Using Bluepoison!

Bluepoison features the ability to both download and activate Windows 8 builds, and can unlock tons of hidden features. These features include the modern reader, webcam app, new task manager, and the interface ribbon. When new features become available, Bluepoison will detect them and automatically update.

Unlock Hidden Windows 8 Features Using Bluepoison!

You can download Bluepoison here.

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