White iPhone 4 delays are because of its Light Leak

Just before the launch of iPhone 4, Apple announced that they are facing some manufacturing issues with the white iPhone 4 and it would be launched in mid July. Then in the iPhone 4 press conference, where Apple announced free bumpers and cases for iPhone 4 users, Steve Jobs said that the white iPhone 4 will be ship by the end of July. And now just a few days ago, Apple announced that the white iPhone 4 will not ship until the end of this year because of manufacturing issues related to white coloring in the front glass. Apple never explained what the real issue with iPhone 4 manufacturing is. According to a report by thestreet, the manufacturing problem is caused by backlight leakage around the edges of the glass in the white iPhone 4.

white iPhone 4 furthur delayed

Apparently, the back light from the iPhone display screen is leaking out around the edges of the glass and seeping through the back of the white phone, according to a person familiar with the manufacturing process

The report further tells that the design of iPhone 4 is like a “glass sandwich”. Gorilla glass is just at the front and the back of the device and a metal band runs around the outside, doubling as an antenna.

Although the design of iPhone 4 is criticized for its antenna design, but for the white iPhone 4, the problem is completely different

As the source described it, if it were a metal or plastic material, a simple coating would fill in the gaps and block the internal light. Glass is an entirely different issue.

Whether this problem described by thestreet is a real issue or not, Apple is surely having some production issues with white iPhone 4 because of which they have delayed its launch till the end of year. Interesting thing to note is that if the white iPhone 4 had some problems, why did Apple announced its release date at the iPhone 4 launch event. Maybe Apple was late at finding out the source of this issue just like the ‘death grip’ antenna issues.

[via 9to5mac]

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