Best Buy offering free invisible shield for iPhone 4 customers

iPhone 4 antenna reception issue really sounded like a very big issue for Apple, but its solution was extremely simple which was to cover the antenna of iPhone 4 with tape, case or a bumper. Apple offered iPhone 4 free cases to iPhone 4 buyers to make their users happy. iPhoneSavior also offered a solution of iPhone 4 death grip problem with their band aid which costs only $4.99. Both a free iPhone 4 case or a $5 band aid are good solutions for solving antenna problems of iPhone 4. If somebody wants more, Best Buy is offering a free invisible shield to fix the antenna issues of iPhone 4.


All these things iPhone 4 cases, band aids or this invisible shield for iPhone 4 do the same thing which is to cover the antenna area of iPhone 4 which solves its “death grip” problem of iPhone 4. The value of this invisible shield is $9.99 but it will be offered free to all iPhone 4 buyers who buy it from Best Buy.

This is again a good alternate solution for the antenna problem of iPhone 4, specially for those who don’t the iPhone 4 bumpers that Apple is offering.

[via Engadget]

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