Will iPhone 12 Pro models get 120Hz Refresh Rate ProMotion Display?

According to latest news, the new iPhone 12 Pro might not release with 120Hz ProMotion display. A well known Apple leaker, XDA host and writer, Max Weinbach expressed his concerns over the possible delay of 120Hz refresh rate display in the new flagship iPhone 12 Pro models in a Twitter tread.

Unsatisfactory Color Calibration

In his tweet, Weinbach reminded the readers that Apple does not release any hardware and software unless it’s “perfect” and according to his sources, Cupertino engineers are not satisfied with color calibration on 120Hz displays in the new flagship smartphone. This means that color response on the device is faulty.

He further explained that 120Hz AMOLED panels are difficult to work with and perfect. Citing S20 and OnePlus 8 Pro green screen issues, he reinstated that if Apple can not over come color calibration issues, it will most likely release the new iPhone models with the panel, but would not push for 120Hz ProMotion Display.

Other iPhone 12 Pro leaks

This claim contradicts recent leaks which speculated that Apple is upgrading the display in the new iPhone 12 Pro variants.

A few days ago, EveryApplePro¬†published a detailed video on fresh iPhone 12 Pro leaks based on 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch CAD models, and sources. With beautiful concept designs, he stated that Apple’s engineers are aiming for 120Hz in iPhone 12 Pro models, skipping 90Hz. Since 120Hz consumes more energy, the report also claimed that the high-end Pro models will have a bigger battery.

The video also claimed that Apple will be improving the cameras, while sticking to 12MP resolution. The new phones will also feature improved Face ID, which will work with a wider range of angles.

If all goes well, Apple is expected to release the iPhone 12 Pro later this year. Till then we will keep you updated on the latest reports on the device, so stay tuned to iThinkDifferent for comprehensive coverage.

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