Install Windows 10 Creators Update using the Update Assistant

Microsoft had released the Windows 10 Creators Update RTM ISO a few days back and now they have released a Download Assistant tool for all users looking to upgrade early. The tool itself is a small download and it fetches all the latest files for Windows in the background to upgrade our operating system.

Windows 10 Creators Update Upgrade Assistant

Windows 10 Creators Update, or version 1703 (OS Build 15063.13) for those keeping count, is Microsoft’s latest major release for their operating system. It brings tons of new features that users would love, aimed at both improved productivity as well as better gaming performance and broadcasting.

This method works for both type of users: those looking to upgrade from an existing installation of Windows 10 to the new Creators Update as well as those looking to do a clean install. Simply head over to the link given at the end of this article, and download the Windows 10 Update Assistant which will be an exe file a bit under 1MB in size. Open this tool and it will run a check to confirm whether your PC is capable of upgrading to the latest version. Once the compatibility checks are complete, you will get two choices: to update the existing installation or create installation media for a clean install.

Windows 10 Creators Update Update AssistantIf you do an upgrade, it will start downloading the required files needed for installation. Once the process is complete, your would have to restart your PC to complete the upgrade. All your apps, files and settings will remain untouched.

Beware that the upgrade can take a long time, no matter the Internet speed or specifications of your PC are. On my Alienware Alpha and 32MB Internet connection, the update took over 2 hours to complete. This is normal so it’s best to upgrade when you don’t have anything important to do on your computer.

Download Windows 10 Download Assistant

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