Windows 10 internal builds user interface updates revealed

Latest Windows 10 internal builds reveal user interface enhancements focused on animations, icons and context menus. Check out the complete details after the break.

Windows 10 Threshold 2

Folks over at Winbeta have shared some screenshots from an internal Windows 10 build, which features the new UI enhancements, as listed below:

  • New icon set through out the operating system ranging from what you see in Explorer to old icons inside device manager. Microsoft has not touched some icons for ages and they still remind of the Windows 9.x era. An example is inside the device manager, when you try to install a driver and chose to manually browse for the driver files. Good to see Microsoft finally coming around to update these old icons.
  • Context menus now have a grey color instead of white. Menus are still a work in progress as Insider Preview build 10532 had context menus listed as one of the changes to test out. It seems that Microsoft is still working on minor changes in every build to test them.
  • Apps downloaded from Windows Store not close with the same ‘fade away’ animation as with desktop apps. Currently, in Windows 10, they just disappear when you press the close button.

These enhancements have not made their way yet to a Windows 10 Insider Preview build yet but it is likely that the next build will have these changes.

Threshold 2, the codename of the upcoming major Windows 10 update, is expected to release in November to the public. All these changes which are in testing with Insiders as well as being worked on internally, along with a build in Skype-replacement messaging app, are expected to ship with Threshold 2. With 75 million+ Windows 10 users already, Microsoft must have a lot of feedback to cater to.

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