Windows 11 updates Settings app featuring redesigned Homepage with interactive cards

With Windows 11 build 23493, the Settings app received a new “Home” page that features a design that uses interactive cards representing various device and account-related settings.

Microsoft updates Windows 11 Settings app with a new "Home" page with interactive cards

Redesigned Home page for Settings app in Windows 11 offers more personalized and dynamic experience

Microsoft has introduced a new homepage in Settings app in Windows 11 latest build that offers users a dynamic and personalized experience. It gives users an overview of their device, quick access to specific settings, and helps users to manage their accounts.

Microsoft updates Windows 11 Settings app with a new "Home" page with interactive cards

The page groups the different cards dynamically, depending on how users access the settings on their computers. Here are some of the interactive cards that users can find on the new Home page for Settings:

  • Recommended settings card shows you settings that Microsoft recommends you change based on your usage patterns.
  • Cloud storage card shows how much storage space users have used in their Microsoft Cloud accounts, such as OneDrive and
  • Account recovery card shows how to recover a user’s Microsoft account if they lose their password or other account information.
  • Personalization card shows settings related to users’ personal preferences, such as their wallpaper, theme, and font size.
  • Microsoft 365 card shows settings related to your Microsoft 365 subscription, such as your Office apps and OneDrive storage.
  • Xbox card shows settings related to the Xbox console, such as the user’s account information and game downloads.
  • Bluetooth devices card shows a list of Bluetooth devices that are connected to the computer.

The cards in the new Home page for Settings are automatically updated based on users usage patterns and users can click on a card to open the corresponding settings page, drag and drop the cards to rearrange them, and hide or show cards that you don’t want to see.

The new Home page is still under development, but it’s a great way to get a quick overview of the device and account settings.

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