Safari continues to outpace Microsoft Edge in desktop browser market share

Apple’s Safari browser continues to outpace Microsoft Edge when it comes to desktop market share. Safari had inched ahead of its Chromium-based competitor in April 2023, and has extended its lead since then. Chrome continues to have the biggest market share with 61.1 percent.


Edge continues to lose to Safari

As per StatCounter, Safari started its steady growth in April 2023, by crossing 11.89% market share to beat Edge’s 10.95% market share. The gap between Safari and Edge further widened in May 2023 and June 2023 with the former maintaining a lead of more than 3% in consecutive months.

Strangely, Chrome has seen a massive dip in desktop browser market share. It has gone down from 65.88% in May 2023 to 61.16% in June 2023, which is a massive drop. During this time, other browsers like Safari and Opera, have seen steady growth, while Edge and Firefox have been going through a bumpy ride.

The story on mobile is not so positive for Safari. The browser has gone from 27.67% in May 2023 to 24.83% in June 2023. During this time period, Chrome has gone from 61.27%to 64.82%. On tablets, the statistics are similar, with Safari going down from 36.61% to 34.89%, and Chrome going up from 48.74% to 50.42%.

When all platforms are combined, Chrome maintains its massive lead, with Safari at a healthy second position with over 20% share, and other browsers like Edge, Firefox, and Opera trailing far behind with single-digit share each.

While the above stats paint a rosy picture for Apple’s browser, it is important to note that this is from a sample of data gathered by StatCounter and may not represent real-world usage for all users. Safari has recently gained many previously missing features such as Web Push, Passkeys, and more which may have contributed to its growth. With Apple continuing to sell more Apple Silicon Macs, and upcoming useful improvements to Safari such as profiles, tab favicons, and feature parity across all devices, the WebKit browser is poised to grow further in the near future.

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