Windows 11 soon to get Depth Effects AI for background images

Windows 11’s new feature called “Depth Effects” is found in Windows 11 build 23466 which means it will be available for all users soon.

The Depth Effects feature uses AI to add a parallax effect to wallpapers, meaning that as users move their mouse pointer around the screen, different layers in the background will move at different speeds, giving users a sense of depth.

Windows-11-AI- Depth Effects

Windows 11’s Depth Effects feature will not work on all wallpapers

The new Depth Effect feature was first spotted in Windows 11 build 25309 but was not working. However, a well-known enthusiast @Albacore was able to activate the feature.

The video below shows the mouse-triggered animations. If the device comes gyroscope sensor, the effects can use the device’s orientation to adjust transitions.

How to enable Depth Effects for wallpapers in Windows 11

To enable Depth Effects open the Settings app > go to Personalization > Background. Under the Background Image section, click the Browse button and select a wallpaper that you want to use with Depth Effects. Then, check the box next to “Use Depth Effects.”

Once enabled Depth Effects, the wallpaper will appear to have more depth while moving the mouse pointer around the screen. This can add a touch of realism and make the desktop look more interesting.

Things to keep in mind about the Depth Effects feature:

  • Not all wallpapers will work with Depth Effects: The feature works best with wallpapers that have a lot of depth, such as landscapes or cityscapes.
  • The Depth Effects feature may not be available on all devices: This is because it requires a certain amount of processing power and memory.
  • The Depth Effects feature may not work as well on older devices: If you are experiencing problems with Depth Effects, try updating your graphics driver.

Currently, the Depth Effects feature is under development and it is expected to be released in a future update.

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