Windows 7 Taskbar Meters use button overlays to show resource usage

Windows 7 Taskbar Meters use button overlays to show resource usage Windows 7 has really spurred on developers to create new apps that make the best use of the new taskbar features such as jumplists, button and progress bar overlays. Here are a couple of new applications called Taskbar Meters, available on CodePlex that show CPU utilization or memory utilization in the taskbar using the progress bar overlays.

Usage is very simple. Download these apps, run them and pin them to the taskbar.

Windows 7 taskbar meters

Along with the resource utilization, both these apps show quick links to the Task Manager and the Resource Monitor in Windows 7. Windows 7 taskbar meters jumplists

A few different settings are available such as update frequency and the thresholds for yellow and red states.Taskbar Memory Meter

While, these apps might not replace the CPU meter gadget in the Windows 7 Gadgets, these are a good demo of the possibilities with the new taskbar. You don’t have to minimize windows or bring gadgets to the top to check out the resource usage with these apps as well, which is a big advantage. Now only if they could show the resource usage in numerical values as well on the buttons. I wonder if that’s possible.

Download Windows 7 Taskbar Meters

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