Windows Phone 7 To Get Multitasking, Xbox Kinect Support, Internet Explorer 9 & Twitter Integration [Video]

Microsoft has officially announced that two updates for Windows Phone 7 will be released this year bringing tons of new features in addition to the much awaited Copy / Paste feature which will be added in the first update, due out by March. This update will also bring CDMA support and some performance enhancements. Another major update scheduled for later this year will add improved multitasking, simultaneous game play with an Xbox 360 using Kinect, Twitter integration and full Internet Explorer 9 browsing experience.


Regarding Adobe flash support for Windows Phone 7, a Microsoft senior stated that it won’t be added in these updates though they might decide to bring it some day!

Microsoft is showing a demo of how a player on the phone might play a game throwing balls at someone playing with an Xbox and Kinect. Microsoft also plans to allow sharing of Office documents directly between phones, Windows PCs and the cloud-based Windows Live service.

Moving the full IE9 browser over to the phone will allow for hardware acceleration and other features that have not been possible on phones in the past, Lees said. For battery and other reasons, Lees said that the new release won’t support Adobe’s Flash, however Lees said it is not a religious issue for Lees and that the company may add such support down the road.”

“We’re not allergic to Flash, it’s not in this update but we’re not making some particular statement that it will never be there.”

Recently, Microsoft has also signed a major deal with Nokia to bring Windows Phone 7 on their upcoming mobiles in order to compete with Android and iOS in the market.

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[via All Things Digital]

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