YourTube 2 Lets You Download YouTube Videos on iPhone/iPod Touch [Jailbreak App]

The only missing feature in the YouTube app on iPhone and iPod Touch is the ability to download videos. While it’s understandable that it’s not allowed due to copyright issues, most videos on YouTube aren’t copyrighted. YourTube was first released back in iOS 3.x days. It integrated nicely within the YouTube app and provided the download functionality as if it was there natively. With the release of iOS 4, YourTube didn’t work anymore. YourTube never got updated but instead a new version, YourTube 2 has been released. Now only does it fix some download issues that used to pop up in the first version, it also allows you to add the downloaded videos to the video section in iPod app.

YourTube 2.0 is newly re-designed for iOS4. It includes a host of stability fixes, improved memory management, improved download speeds, and fixes for the nasty iOS4 sandbox. And don’t forget the ability to import your downloaded videos into the iPod library

YourTube 2.0 is available for $5 on  the Cydia Store, but we have great news for existing customers. If you purchased YourTube 1.0 after July 1st, you get the upgrade for free! The upgrade will cost $1 to all other previous customers (thats an 80% discount).

YourTube HD for iPad has also been updated with support for adding videos to the video app.

Check out the pictorial tour of the app below:







You’ll need a jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to install YourTube 2. Follow our extremely helpful guides on how to jailbreak iOS devices here. YourTube 2 can be download from Cydia for $5 while for customers of the original YourTube, the price is $1.

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