Zune software is NOT coming to the Mac–A sync software will be

Microsoft has recently launched Windows Phone 7 along with many devices and with that they have also updated Zune PC software with support for Windows Phone 7. With this new Zune software, PC users would transfer their music, photos and videos to their phones. But what about Mac users? If they want to buy a Windows Phone 7 device then they would not have any Zune software for their Mac OS. Microsoft may release a Windows Phone sync solution for Mac but this will not be like the Zune software for PC. This sync solution will just provide a way for Mac users to transfer their music, photos and video to their phones.


Head of Windows Phone marketing of UK mentioned in his public tweet that Microsoft will launch a sync software for Mac users soon.B ut soon this tweet was deleted probably because Microsoft does not want to reveal their plans or maybe they might change their plans about the sync software for Mac.

I’m glad to confirm that Mac users would be able to use Zune on their Macs to sync with #WP7,” said the tweet. “More details soon.

Well, we can at least expect a sync software for Mac users who want to use Windows Phone 7 but the interesting thing is that how many Mac users would be interested to buy Windows Phone 7 as maximum of those users are iPhone fans. So, the question is Mac users would want this software or not?

[via windowsphonesecrets]

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